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Pregnant Belly

Virtual Doula Support

Virtual Postpartum Support


30 or 60 Minute Video Call 

The postpartum time can feel exhausting, overwhelming, and isolating, especially in times like these. We’re here for you, even at a distance. Our virtual calls can include:


  • Emotional check in; reassurance from someone who’s done this all before

  • Physical check in (How is mom’s physical recovery going?)

  • Answering your questions, big and small

  • Troubleshooting feeding issues, sleep, etc.

  • How-to’s: baby’s first bath, swaddling, soothing, baby-wearing, bottle feeding, etc.

  • Referrals to providers as needed and to other community resources


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75 Minute Video Call

This is a very stressful time to anticipate bringing a baby into the world. Our postpartum planning session can help you feel calm, confident, and more prepared for what lies ahead. Our session can include:


  • Discussing your greatest joys and anxieties as you anticipate the arrival of your baby

  • Narrowing down the shopping list: What do you actually NEED for baby? 

  • How-to’s: infant care, soothing, swaddling, baby-wearing, etc.

  • Strategies for getting sleep

  • Practical steps: what you can do now to prepare for life after baby

  • Emotional prep: anticipating challenges and ways to meet those challenges

  • Working together: simple ways support each other

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