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Covid -19

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2020 has been tumultuous and full of uncertainty. Please know that the safety and health of our team and the families we support is our top priority. Currently we are following all CDC guidelines by demonstrating protective measures and individual self-care in regards to COVID-19. Some of the precautions we have taken into action are as follows:

  • Vaccination

  • ​​Washing hands around the clock, wearing protective masks and temperature 

  • Doulas are not taking visitors at home or socializing in public.

  • When out in public (grocery shopping, pumping gas, etc.) using masks, gloves and keeping a social distance of 6ft. 

  • Doulas with children of their own are currently homeschooling and keeping children at home.

  • If anyone in our family is feeling sick, or showing any signs of symptoms, our Doulas  are instructed to let client know immediately and self quarantine.

We continue to offer in-home, phone, text, e-mail and virtual support.  You put your trust in us and we strive to provide you with the best services that can be rendered safely.

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